Virtual Vixens has been growing significantly steadily since conception and advertising through our website could be a potentially smart business move. You will most likely receive many more web-page views, clients and or orders for your item / web page. We encourage you to take this time to review the different methods of advertisement through our website.

Note: More specific information regarding our advertising options or website may be included within the future.

Advertising Options:

  • Blog Roll / Side Bar text link
    (14.99$/Per Month)
    Special offer (119.99$ Yearly) *Save 60$*
  • Dedicated Post or Review of your Website
    (29.99$ Per Post)
  • Text Link / In Post Mention
    (9.99$ Per Item Advertised)
  • Advertise your Artwork
    (9.99$ Per Photo / Gallery)

Payment Options: The only accepted method of payment is through PayPal. If you are caught using fraudulent accounts or money, your advertisement will instantly be retracted and I will be forced to contact the authorities regarding credit fraud. If I have evidence that you are trying to unfairly retract money or create a dispute over PayPal; then I reserve the right to remove your advertisement.

This website’s PayPal account is a verified business account. Feel safe knowing that you will be dealing with a legitimate PayPal account-holder.

Note: If your advertised item has no direct relation to arts, vixens, imagery or media content – we reserve the right to post a creative post about your service (ex: The Vixens love spending a relaxing day at the Palm Beach Spa™ … …)


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